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Dear Volleyball Friends, Great news! This Sunday 4th of June is starting 8th , “Amber Coast Beach Cup”!!! Yes Friends, 8 Years we are together!!  I remember our 1st Tournament- 4 men’s team: start si

Amber Coast Beach Cup 2016 Results.

Men’s Competitions: 1 Peter Stewart/Jonathan Whitty 129 pts. 2 Adrian Pinczura/Jakub Szwec 121 pts. 3 Adam Polkowski/Lukasz Polkowski 115 pts. 4 Giovanni Russo/Marcin Szklarek 109 pts.   Women’

BVI and NIVA Events.

Beach Volleyball Ireland (BVI) 2016 Tour Dates: July 2nd / 3rd – Dollymount July 23rd – Portrush July 24th – Dollymount August 13th – 14th – to be confirmed… August 27th 

Amber Coast Beach Cup 2016 #1st Tour.

Portmarnock Beach will host another great summer sporting spectacle this Sunday afternoon – the 7th annual Amber Coast Volleyball Cup! Competition Dates: 1st Tour – 5th June 2nd Tour – 19th Ju

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