Amber Coast Beach Cup 2017 Results

Amber Coast Beach Cup 2017 Results

Dear Volleyball Friends,

I want to inform you that Amber Coast Beach Cup 2017 is almost done! 🙂 There are left few small things: upload some photos and finish the scores.

But I am really happy that this Summer we have another successful season! Of course there was some difficulties. Not all the time was perfect the weather. But we did it!

I am sure that we will keep in our memories only good things: moments when we was really the best.

Unfortunately not all teams have a chance to play in all 4 events. For example leaders after two tours in men’s competition Alan McKnight and Jonathan Workman miss last 2 events as they have to play in International Tournament. Some of Irish really good players by the same reason did not play in all our events as well. I hope all of them got necessary game experience in our tournament!

This season have some good changes for us as well. This season Amber Coast Beach Team joined new member Adrian.  Adrian 4 times came to Portmarnock from other side of Ireland!!  It is looks that he’s really love Beach Volleyball 🙂

First time in our history we run new game “Lucky Serve”. Everyone had the chance to win worthy prizes, such as volleyball ball, sand socks, jerseys, backpacks and more.

This season we’ve got sponsor for 2 events  Car Key Service,  Irish Company where is working nice guys. They are smiling all the time. I don’t know the reason – maybe they are just happy?! 🙂

Thanks to together with cups and medals winners get the jerseys, thermal underwear and sport water bottles. I hope this beach season this is only start to our partnership.

We have good news for all fans of beach volleyball. As I mention before we will run one more event. Best 8 couples from men and women competition will fight for Monster Trophies! And all this will be soon, Sunday 17th of September. Teams will be able to show how they prepare to win.

I would like to say thanks for everyone who was with us all this season! Teams, players, our families, volunteers, Fingal County Council, car park workers, ice cream truck on the beach… Thank you very much! Without you we are big nothing and together we are Amber Coast Beach Cup 2017! Thank you!

Finally, with big pleasure, I would like to announce the winners and MVP’s of Amber Coast Beach Cup 2017! Really drama was in Women’s Competitions. Difference between 2nd and 3rd places was only 1 single point!!

4th Tour Results:

Men’s Competitions:

1st Place Pawel Kalaga / Pawel Waszkiewicz
2nd Plave Radu Vescu / Jonathan Whitty
3rd Place Aurelien Gimenez / Mateusz Szewczyk

Women’s Competitions:

1st Place Jenna Pool / Giulia Trivellin
2nd Plave Fatima Balza / Kamila Teteryczka
3rd Place Indre Simkute / Edyta Jozwiak McMullan

Total Rankings

Men’s Competitions:

1st Place Pawel Kalaga / Pawel Waszkiewicz 133 pts.
2nd Plave Julio Rico / Marcin Szklarek 128 pts.
3rd Place Adrian Margol / Adrian Pinczura 111 pts.

Women’s Competitions:

1st Place Giedre Guobyte / Zydre Guobyte 155 pts.
2nd Plave Lucia Barbato / Giulia Trivellin 121 pts.
3rd Place Erica Fatini / Anthi Gilligan 120 pts.


Pawel Waszkiewicz 80 pts.

Giedre Guobyte 89 pts.


Good luck and see you soon! 🙂

Sincerely Yours,

Sergej Rodin

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