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Before Final Tour 2018

Hello Beach Volleyball Friends, Fans and Players, Would like to a bit analyse situation before Final Tour where the winners takes all. But who will be winner? That’s a good question 🙂   Men Competitions       Theoretically in

Amber Coast Beach Cup 2017, 2nd Tour

Dear Volleyball Friends, Last Sunday in Portmarnock 15 men’s and 11 women’s teams came to find the Luck in the 2nd Event of Amber Coast Beach Cup 2017. The Event run all day on the 6 volleyball courts. After 30 games in men competition gold me

Amber Coast Beach Cup 2017 Prizes

Dear Volleyball Friends, Hope you are ready to start battle for the medals and cups! 🙂 We perfect understand that level of players can be different and someone will never get to the final stage. Amber Coast Team is thinking about everyone who found a w