New in Amber Coast Beach Cup 2016

Dear Volleyball Friends,

In the New Beach Season we will have some changes and some new things and I would like to tell You about them.

Firstly I would like to remind about registration: please, send me full Name and Surname (don’t write¬†please “myself and Jonny”) ūüôā and email address and phone of both players- this will help me to keep You always updated.

Remember that games up to the quarter final stage will be played up to 15 points (switch every 7 points). 3rd set will be played up to 11 points (11th point is last one!, switch every 5 points)

In the Amber Coast Beach Cup are playing lot of players nut not all of them have a chance to win the medals. We are thinking about all of You and we want that You will have some memory about our tournament. Generally there is no winners or losers –¬†all the time¬†is winning¬†Sport and each of You for sure is a part of this local¬†Volleyball Victory.¬†Same as last year each of you will get Participation Medal in our tournament during¬†your first registration time.

New in this season

Finally we’ve got sponsorship!! This season our events will support SporTraffic.

The top four teams at 1st event, will be awarded Gift Coupons!

  • Coupon for the 1st¬†Place will be equal 20 Eur
  • Coupon for the 2nd¬†Place will be equal 15 Euro
  • Coupon for the 3rd¬†Place will be equal 10 Euro
  • Coupon for the 4th¬†Place will be equal 5 Euro

After the event coupon holder should to email to¬†[email protected]¬†or Facebook ¬†to get coupon code. With this code You will able to buy anything on¬† ¬†(coupon is not valid for sale items)

Please note, coupons are valid for a limited time: 4 weeks after event day.

For more details please contact¬†[email protected]

During the event time you will be able to buy some sport stuff like Sand Socks, Sprites, Grip Socks or Mikasa VLS-300 Official Beach Volleyball Ball.


  • Registration Email:¬†[email protected]
  • Entry fee is 25¬†euro per team
  • Registration after deadline 35¬†euro per team


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