Amber Coast Beach Cup 2016 #1st Tour

Portmarnock Beach will host another great summer sporting spectacle this Sunday afternoon – the 7th annual Amber Coast Volleyball Cup!

Amber Coast Beach Cup 05.06.2016

Amber Coast Beach Cup 05.06.2016

Competition Dates:
1st Tour – 5th June
2nd Tour – 19th June
3rd Tour – 31st July
4th Tour – 7th August

Sunday 5th June saw 17 men’s and women’s teams enjoy battling 2 vs 2 under an exotic sweltering sun. Sightseers attracted to Dublin’s famously picturesque beach were equally enthralled by the displays of skill and athleticism from the local and international talent. The top 3 winning men’s teams hailed from Poland, Italy and Ireland, and the women were a mix of Slovakian, Canadian, Czech and Mexican.

Men’s Competitions:
1st Place Wojtek Ranecki/Pawel Waszkiewicz  50 points
2nd Place Giovanni Russo/Marcin Szklarek  46 points
3rd Place Andrew Goti/Jonathan Whitty 42 points
4th Place Lukasz Polkowski/Julio Rico 38 points

Women’s Competitions:
1st Place Viera Jahodova Hauriskova/Emily Sweetman  50 points
2nd Place Hana Novackova/Lucie Ruzickova  46 points
3rd Place Mariana Rosas Vera/Paola Rosas Vera 42 points
4th Place Christina Durst/Julia Pimenta 38 points

The 4 tours are open competitions to either spectate or participate in, so feel free to register, pay and play, or come watch, learn and cheer 🙂 Our community of players promise to put on another great show of crazy dives, blocks, rallies and smashes! Games start at 12 noon until 6pm finals.

See you on the beach!

Andrew Goti,
Portmarnock Volleyball Club coach

Written by Andrew Goti

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