Before Final Tour 2018

Hello Beach Volleyball Friends, Fans and Players,

Amber Coast Beach Cup 2018 Players

Would like to a bit analyse situation before Final Tour where the winners takes all. But who will be winner? That’s a good question 🙂


Men Competitions


Amber Coast Beach Cup 2018 Georg Emmerich Antal, Evgenii Menshchikov ,, www.carkeyservice.ieAmber Coast Beach Cup 2018, Aurélien Gimenez, Adrian Margol,,



Theoretically in the men competitions even team with ranking 8, Aurélien and Adrian can catch up first place and get the same points in case if Georg and  Evgenii will not be there.






But will 116 points guaranty first place or even Top 3 – I am not sure. At least 5 teams can fight for Season Trophies.

Amber Coast Beach Cup 2018, Mateusz Szewczyk, Patryk Tur,,

At the moment closer to Winner’s Title are Mateusz and Patryk. They did very important step – they are already registered in Final Tour 🙂



We have few players in front who can be nominated by Amber Coast Beach Cup 2018 MVP: Evgenii with 66 points, Mateusz 56 points, Patryk 56 points, Georg 50 points…

Amber Coast Beach Cup 2018, Peter Stewart,,






If Peter and Ivo who already registered to play in 4th Tour will win event, Peter will have same points as Evgenii. How will goes for other players?! We will get this answer on Sunday 🙂



Let’s see what a situation is with Women Competition!

Amber Coast Beach Cup 2018, Giedre Guobyte, Zydre Guobyte,,

It is looks like sisters Giedre and Žydre have a plans to take Trophies 2nd year in the row.

Yes, they looks pretty strong and serious. Will they take the Amber Coast Cups easy? Last Event Lina with Luciana moved a little bit crown from the sisters head. Crown was moved but not fall.

Amber Coast Beach Cup 2018, Lina Dzurnak, Luciana Ribeiro Sombra,,

With MVP’s it is looks everything is clear. Again sisters 🙂 Let’s thing, what is the secret of  Giedre’s and Ĺ˝ydre’s success?! Let’s a bit analyse them. They are working hard on the beach and playing a lot: training, fun session, tournaments… But there are many girls who is doing the same things and who has pretty good level. So why they have much less points than Giedre and Ĺ˝ydre?! Probably there is more focus points. One of them: they are playing every single event and as a result they all the time taking points which are necessary to win main trophy. And the much important thing they are always together.

Amber Coast Beach Cup 2018, Daniela Bossard,

Theoretically if Lina will join with Daniela they will have chance to pass 1st place by points, but Giedre and Žydre should to lose and go out at the begging stage. Is it real?! Sounds not really 🙂 But in volleyball is possible everything!

So, work hard, play a lot, don’t miss events and don’t change partner 🙂

If with the first place and MVP is almost clear, there is absolutely unknown situation with Top 3 teams. At least 10 teams can fight for 2nd and 3rd place. Also girls can as usual mix up the teams and there can be many possibilities.



And final thing  is Amber Coast Cup Beach Masters. It is a great chance to win Monster Cups and Unique Medals!!!

Amber Coast Beach Masters 2018,,

In the masters will play TOP 8 teams. Final event it is a good chance for all teams to collect important points and take a place in Masters. The chance to play in Masters has everyone.

Amber Coast Beach Masters 2018,,


If someone from top 8 will be busy that day, on holidays or etc. the right to play in tournament is getting next team to 8, in our case with ranking 9. It is a great chance to everyone to win great trophies!

Players/Teams points and ranking, and even players original countries, You can check here



And the few words left about our Partners: SporTraffic and CarKeyService. Thank you lads for Your support! It is really pleasure to work with You!

By the way, Amber Coast Beach Cup is open for sponsorship. If you like to be a part of Irish Volleyball, You are more than welcome!


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