Dear Volleyball Friends,

Great news! This Sunday 4th of June is starting 8th , “Amber Coast Beach Cup”!!! Yes Friends, 8 Years we are together!! 

I remember our 1st Tournament- 4 men’s team: start six from Amber Coast indoor men’s team and Jonathan with Andrew. We was only 8 players in the whole Portmarnock beach. I remember when Tomasz and Daniel came to us from Limerick and have really big battle against the wind and rain. We can’t say “Sorry guys, the weather is bad and we can’t play” and we relocated in the park. In the park was a lot of water but we have possibility to serve. On the beach that day was really windy.  It was great time..!

Last season was registered 79 players!! And this is 10 (9.875) times more that we have in 2009. Thanks to Lads from Northern Ireland we can call our tournament international.

This Summer season Adrian joined our Beach Team. We would like to say “Welcome” to him! Our updated team: Anthi, Adrian and Sergej. Each year we are trying to make our tournament better. We are asking opinion of the players . Each new season we want to bring something new.

You can ask, why we doing that? I will tell you my reason why. In 2009 I won 1st Place in BVI. I came with bottle of wine to my neighbours in Darglewood, nice Irish family and I said to them: “I am 1st in Ireland, I won this title in Beach Volleyball, let’s celebrate!” Тhey ask me: “What is that, beach volleyball?”..  My dream is: If you will say to your Irish neighbours “I am playing Beach Volleyball” you will get answer, something like “Oh, Rogers, Dalhausser, I know them, nice guys!”

This Season we will have single men and single women competitions! As usual there will be awards, cups and medals for the winners. This is not all! Our Beach team together with will award 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place of each tour by special prizes. During this week I will let you know what will get the winners. And this is not all! This beach season we will bring some fun in our competition: all players will get a chance to win special prizes.

Cup Info

Number of events: 4.

The Best three teams of each event will be awarded medals and prizes.

The Best three teams of 4 events (points summary) will be awarded individual Cups.

MVP trophies for best men and women player (individual points summary).


FIVB Beach Volleyball Official Rules.


Tournament is running in a double-elimination format.

Up to the quarter final stage the sets in the games will be played up to 15 points only (no win by 2 points), switching every 7 points. The 3rd set will be played up to 11 points (no win by 2 points), switching every 5 points.

Quarter-finals, semi-finals and finals will be played in standard beach volleyball points system: Up to 21 points (win by 2 points) and switching every 7 points, with the 3rd set up to 15 points(win by 2 points) and switching every 5 points.

The game format/point system up to quarter final can be changed.  Information about any changes players will get during Check-in time.


The referees of the first round are nominated by the event manager. All losing teams are to remain on their court and referee the next match.

All scoresheets must be completed and given back to the event manager.


Sun 04 June 2017
Sun 09 July 2017
Sun 30 July 2017
Sun 06 August 2017

Pending weather condition dates can be changed. Check our Facebook event page on the morning of the event.


If you are interested to play in our Cup/event, please post your details: Names and Contact Information on Facebook /Event Page or email to [email protected] .
Example: John Lennon/Ringo Starr 0871969444, [email protected]

Entry fee is 25 euro per team and should be pay during registration time.

Deadline for registration is Saturday 8pm. Players who wants to register after this time will be charged  35 euro per team.

Each registered entrant will be notified about any changes one day before or two hours before registration time.

Venue: Portmarnock Beach

Check-in: 10:30 am.
Games starts: 11:00 am.

Good Luck for all Teams!!!

If you have any suggestions or queries please do not hesitate to contact us!

Anthi and Adrian will help you with any questions during the event time!

Sincerely Yours,

Amber Coast Beach Cup Team

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